Desert Wise is an Albuquerque mental health clinic that is committed to service members, veterans, and other individuals in high stakes occupations. 

Desert Wise is foremost committed to providing dignified, effectivediscreet mental health treatment.

  • Dignified treatment: We have created a clinic environment that provides the same professionalism you would expect from your primary care doctor, attorney, or accountant. We have been faithful to this model, in part, by ensuring a professional atmosphere, developing comprehensive consent and policy forms, and maintaining appropriate boundaries between therapists and patients. 
  • Effective treatment: Our providers are well-versed in both the scientific research underpinning mental health treatment and the art of applied clinical treatment. We expertly employ this knowledge in a way that is relevant and useful to each individual and is consistently mindful of what works for you – not what works in a lab or for anyone else. Our providers employ a therapeutic approach that requires hard work from patients, prioritizes accountability, and challenges patients’ unhelpful beliefs and behaviors. 
  • Discreet treatment: Our providers respect confidentiality concerns and have developed an entire business model around them, so that you are afforded the opportunity to develop comfort at your own pace. Our clinic is self-contained, which allows patients to discreetly enter a private lobby, and our staff has attended to even the most minor details that ensure our patients’ privacy and comfort. 

Desert Wise is excited to announce that we have joined forces to create a psychotherapy cooperative for military members and veterans. To learn more, visit us at: Spire Group