Insurance & Fees

Dr. Henrie accepts both private pay and insurance-based patients.

Dr. Henrie currently accepts the following insurances:

  • TriWest (VA)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (all commercial lines) 
  • United Behavioral Health (Optum)
  • Medicare – Part B
  • Western Sky Community Care Medicaid

Dr. Henrie also accepts direct/private pay patients. The fee structure for direct pay therapy is as follows:

  • $275 per initial intake session (45 – 90 minutes)
  • $200 per 60 min therapy session (53 – 65 minutes)
  • $175 per 45 min therapy session (38 – 52 minutes)
  • $125 per 30 min therapy session (16 – 37 minutes)
  • $250 per hour for other services such as letters in which clinical information is discussed, communication with other professionals, and services provided by telephone

If you are insured by a different plan and would like to be seen by Dr. Henrie, contact your insurance plan to see if they will reimburse you for mental health treatment from an out-of-network Clinical Psychologist. If they will and you choose this option, payment is due from you (in full) at the time of service. Dr. Henrie can provide you with a claim form [i.e., Approved NCUU OMG-0938-1197 FORM 1500 (02-12)], so you can seek reimbursement from your insurance.  

One-Time Evaluations: 

Dr. Henrie’s fee structure for direct pay one-time evaluations is as follows:

  • $500 per evaluation (includes: 45 – 90 minutes face-to-face time, record review, and report writing — up to 6 hours of total work)
  • $100 per hour after the first 6 hours of total work 

Other Desert Wise Providers: 

Desert Wise’s supervised providers accept patients on a sliding scale fee basis and can see patients for as little as $30 per session with demonstrated financial need. Please call our business manager, Russell Henrie, at 505-361-1957 for additional information.

Other financial policies:

  • Desert Wise is committed to reducing waste and inefficiency through making our billing process as simple and easy as possible. Therefore, we require that all patients maintain a valid credit card on file with our office.
  • Where applicable, co-pays, cost shares, and deductibles are due at the time of service.
  • Patients are solely responsible for payment of the $50 fee for missed appointments without a 24-hour cancelation. (The 24-hours does not include weekends. Cancelations are to be completed 24 business hours prior to appointment time.) Arriving more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment may result in a no-show. Your insurance plan will not cover missed appointments.