Expert Consultation

Desert Wise has a team equipped to provide expert consultation and testimony services in the areas of veteran and service member mental health, suicide and suicide prevention, PTSD, and standards of care in mental healthcare.

Dr. Henrie has conducted numerous standard of care reviews for the Department of Defense (DoD), has written clinical practice guidelines as a DoD asset, has testified in federal DoD court proceedings for UCMJ violations, and has provided expert consultation in federal litigation cases concerning VA services. A sanitized sample of her previous work is available upon request.

Our team is uniquely postured to provide unparalleled expert consultation in these areas for the following reasons:

  • Our team includes military veterans who have worked in DoD mental health clinics, which operate under the same clinical practice guidelines as the VA.
  • We have personally conducted standard of care reviews and rendered recommendations – while serving as DoD assets.
  • The quality and detail of our work is second to none and reflects the level of detail expected of uniformed DoD personnel.
  • We continue to provide clinical services and supervision full-time. Our ongoing engagement in clinical work keeps us abreast of current standards and practice norms, which ensures our consultation clients receive up-to-date and temporally-valid feedback.
  • We have assembled a highly qualified team that allows us to price our expert consultation services on a graduated scale.
    • Rather than paying a full psychologist rate for a top-to-bottom report, for example, our clients pay an administrative staff rate for copy editing, a midlevel provider rate for pulling pertinent information from a medical record, and a psychologist rate for the actual write-up of expert opinion.

Note: We do not accept criminal cases and/or competency to stand trial evaluations – even in cases involving veterans and service members. We do not accept child custody evaluation requests, family court cases, or other cases outside our areas of competency.

Our contract and fee structure for services can be viewed here:

Fee and Financial Agreement for Legal Proceedings and Consultation Services

The curriculum vitae for our expert clinical consultation team lead can be reviewed here:

Joye Henrie, PhD – Curriculum Vitae

Joye Henrie, PhD – Sample of Specialized Training