Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Henrie is a psychodynamic therapist. From a combination of her educational and clinical experiences, Dr. Henrie has developed tenacious philosophies about mental health treatment:

  • Patients are intelligent, autonomous individuals. Patients frequently engage in self-propelled, exponential change after developing insight, self-awareness, and objectivity.
  • Patients are generally capable, competent individuals. They grow most in treatment when their therapist challenges them out of their status quo and old habits. This can require discomfort, which most patients are strong and motivated enough to handle.
  • Patients prefer the truth. Once patients develop trust in the therapist’s motives, clinical objectives, and business practices, patients tend to be most responsive to direct, timely feedback. Trust is built through honesty and candor.
  • The best treatment allows space for the full range of emotions — including humor.
  • Patients respect a therapist who remembers details, designs individualized interventions, and is fully engaged, which requires therapists to be proactive and attentive.
  • Patients want better. No matter how entrenched a patient is in their current patterns or problems, they didn’t start out in life wanting to end up here. Slow progress and resistance are normal parts of the struggle toward health.
  • Therapists are most effective when they are nonjudgmental, and to be an effective nonjudgmental therapist, they also have to be a nonjudgmental person.

Education & Experience

Dr. Henrie is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (NM PSY1457) and the founder of Desert Wise LLC.

Dr. Henrie completed 2 Bachelors of Science degrees (i.e., Psychology and Sociology) at the University of Utah, where she also received certificates in Diversity and Criminology. She then attended graduate school at the University of Arkansas, where she earned both a Master’s and Doctorate in her subfield of Clinical Psychology. While in graduate school, Dr. Henrie completed a 3-year clerkship at The Village Institute for Psychotherapy, where she received 4.5 weekly hours of intensive supervision from acclaimed author and psychotherapist, Dr. Frederick Woolverton, and other TVI psychologists. Dr. Henrie completed her American Psychological Association accredited Internship at the Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center at Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland.

Following internship, Dr. Henrie practiced psychology as an active duty US Air Force Captain at Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, NM, where she simultaneously served as the base’s Suicide Prevention Program Manager. At Kirtland, Dr. Henrie was repeatedly recognized for her clinical accomplishments and exemplary service – to include being named the Medical Operation Squadron’s Company Grade Officer of the Year (2015), being named Air Force Global Strike Command’s Company Grade Biomedical Clinician of the Year (2016), and being awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for meritorious service.

Following her military service, Dr. Henrie eagerly returned to her roots – focusing solely on providing excellent and timely mental health treatment.

Clinical Training

Dr. Henrie’s clinical training is diverse. In graduate school (i.e., 5 years), she was trained in cognitive behavior therapy and behavior therapy, with minor emphases in other various treatment approaches. She also received robust training in psychological testing/assessment. On clerkship (i.e., 3 years), Dr. Henrie was trained in psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapies. On internship (i.e., 1 year), Dr. Henrie was trained and/or certified in treatments for PTSD/trauma, insomnia, medical compliance, behavior change, as well as primary care, neuropsychology, and forensic evaluations.

Her subsequent practice of psychology has yielded significant additional experience in psychodynamic therapy, psychological testing/assessment, forensic evaluations, occupational medicine, consultation, and program management.